International Schools CyberFair 2000

Martel Elementary School

Lewiston, Maine

March 2000

Martel third grade students worked on creating a web page about their community, the local organizations, businesses, and landmarks that they identify as being part of their home. Some students chose family businesses in order to learn more about their ancestors and their family's contribution to Lewiston's history. Others students selected well-known landmarks such as St. Mary's Church, Bates College, and Country Kitchen to name only a few. All students learned about the place they call home, Lewiston.

This site will be a resource for all the residents of this community. Third grade students have taken pride in creating a source of information that did not previously exist, a web page of their community written by students for the children of the community. Our class hopes you enjoy your visit to our community.

Student Created Web-pages

Bates Mill Complex

Lewiston Junior High School

Lewiston Memorial Armory

Central Maine Medical Center

Libbey Mill

Coca Cola

Music Hall

Cote's Dairy

St. Mary's Church

Country Kitchen Bakery

St. Mary's Hospital

Geiger Brothers


Hartford Insurance Agency

Thorncrag Bird Sanctuary


City Tour (A Power Point Presentation) Did You Know? (Power Point Presentation)

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Other Sites of Interest

City of Lewiston, Maine

Our Home, Lewiston

Mrs. Letourneau's Classroom

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