Frederick Hundertwasser

A famous artist who was born in Europe in 1928. He was famous for his art work and being " harmony with nature". He later made New Zealand a second home.

Hundertwasser was an environmentalist who liked see nature and not allot of man made objects. His art was very colorful like spring flowers . This is also how he designed buildings. The building used what looked like recycle items bright colored bottles and odd shaped containers for poles. The building of the public bathroom in KawaKawa were more examples of his art work. It looks more like a fun play area than a bathroom.

bottle drawing

Amy drew the bottles in the walls.

pole drawing

Cade drew the poles.

The toilets have got grass growing on the roof, and a tree. There is a tree in front of it. The walls have bottles in them for windows. The walls have crooked lines and they are all tiles. The poles in the front look like big beads stuck on top of one another.



These photos were taken by Mrs. G in New Zealand. The Hundertwasser report was written by children in Maine, USA ; and the description and pictures of the toilets are by NZ children.

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