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Lewiston High School Athletics
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Athletic Director:  Jason Fuller
Phone:  (207) 795-4190, ext. 2211
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Welcome to Lewiston High School Athletics.  Lewiston High School has a wide range of athletic activities with 21 different programs and 42 teams.   It is the school's hope that there is something for everyone to be involved in.  Participation in athletics/extra-curricular activities is open to all students at Lewisotn High School provided they meet the requirements pertaining to academic standards (eligibility), try-out standards/requirements, and behavior expectations set forth by the school and its' coaching staff..

Participation in athletics.extra-curricular activities is a very valuable part of one's education.  The competition, camaraderie, team work, dedication, and discipline learned through athletics can be an integral part of an individual's life.

It is a PRIVILEGE for a student to participate in interscholastic athletics/extra-curricular activities.  Therefore, extra time and extra effort are required of those who participate. There is an expectation that those individuals involved with athletic programs/extra-curricular activities will live up a high standard of conduct and behavior in and out of school.  Those individuals who have earned the privilege to represent Lewiston High School in interscholastic athletics/activities are expected to accept these greater responsibilities as school citizens.

The Franklin Athletic Complex, home to many of Lewiston High School's athletic teams, is one of the finest facilities in our state. The City of Lewiston and Lewiston High School have hosted many league, regional and state championship events at this complex.

Lewiston High School teams and individuals have won many state championships, as well as numerous conferences and league titles. Along with being named to all-conference, all-state, and all-American teams, many of our athletes have also gained academic prominence when named to all-academic teams.

Lewiston High School is a member of the Maine Principals' Association (MPA) and the Kennebec Valley Athletic Conference (KVAC)--- the largest league in the state.

Athletic News & Information
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A. Important Announcements:

1. New Pre-Participation Medical Form:   The Lewiston Athletic Department is now using a standard Pre-Participation Medical form for all physicals.   We are asking that all parents & families use this form starting the 2014-2015 school year.   Parents are asked to take this form to your physician for the required yearly pre-participation physical for athletic clearance.  Once the back of this form is signed by a physician, please return it to the athletic department or your Head Coach.   Please click on the link below to access this new form

Pre-Participation Form for yearly athletic physicals

2. Franklin Athletic Complex Improvements:   The Franklin Athletic Complex Trustees have recently received permission to start a Capital Improvement Fundraising Campaign to raise $5 million dollars.  $3.9 million dollars will go towards upgrades on the Athletic Complex, while the remaining $1.1 million dollars will go into an account for the future maintenance of the complex.   

For more information on the project, please visit www.lewistonpublicschools.org and click on the Franklin Pasture Sports Complex Fundraising Campaign.   If you have any questions or would like to assist in this project, please contact Jason Fuller immediately.

3. The Battle of the Bridge, the History of Edward Little and Lewiston Football, written by Bim Gibson.  This 200 page book chronicles the full history of both football programs.   By decade, the book contains a detailed anthology, selects an All-Decade team, and then selects a team of the decade and a game of the decade to highlight.   A great piece of work that is sure to stimulate some debate and bring up some great memories.   Books can be purchased through the Lewiston Athletic Department for only $15.00.  The net proceeds raised by this book will go directly to the Franklin Athletic Improvement Campaign.  Please see Jason Fuller to pick up your copy of the book.

3. FALL 2014 ELIGIBILITY:  A reminder to all Fall athletes - initial eligibility is based on 4th quarter grades - not semester grades.   All students must pass enough courses in the 4th quarter.    Next year's Sophomores must pass 5 courses in the 4th quarter, while next year's Juniors & Seniors must pass 6 courses in the 4th quarter.   Summer school courses can be used to meet this requirement.

Additionally, all students must be on track to graduate by earning enough credits.... Sophomores must have 4 credits, Juniors must have 9 credits, while Seniors must have 16 credits.   Again, summer school classes can be used to meet this requirement.

The Fall Eligibility Check will occur on Wednedsay, Oct. 1st.

If there are any questions about eligibility, please stop by the Athletic Office and talk with Mr. Fuller.

B. Upcoming Events:  All Athletic Schedules can also be found at www.schedulestar.com

         Monday, Sept. 15th - JV Football at Cheverus at 4 pm
                                         Freshman Boys Soccer vs. Mt. Ararat at 3:30 pm
                                         Varsity Golf at Brunswick at 3:30 pm

        Tuesday, Sept. 16th - V/JV Field Hockey at EL ( Varsity at 4 pm, JV at 5:30 pm)
                                            V/JV Boys Soccer vs. Oxford Hills (JV at 4 pm, Varsity at 6 pm)
                                            V/JV Girls Soccer at Oxford Hills (JV at 4 pm, Varsity at 6 pm)
                                            Varsity Golf vs. Mt. Ararat at 3:30 pm

        Wednesday, Sept. 17th - Boys Freshman Soccer at Camden Hills at 4:30 pm
         Thursday, Sept. 18th - Freshman Football vs. Morse at 3:30 pm

         Friday, Sept. 19th - Varsity Football at Windham at 7 pm
                                       Varsity Boys & Girls Cross Country at Leavitt HS (Boys at 4 pm, Girls at 4:30 pm
                                       V/JV Field Hockey vs. Bangor (Varsity at 4 pm, JV at 5:30 pm)

        Saturday, Sept. 20th - Freshamn Boys Soccer at St. Dom's at 10 am

         Monday, Sept. 22nd - JV Football vs. Windham at 4 pm

         Tuesday, Sept. 23rd - V/JV Girls Soccer vs. Mt. Blue (JV at 4 pm, Varsity at 6 pm)
                                           V/JV Boys Soccer at Mt. Blue (Varsity at 3:30 pm, JV at 5 pm)
                                           V/JV Field Hockey vs. Skowhegan (Varsity at 4 pm, JV at 5:30 pm)

         Wednesday, Sept. 24th - Varsity Golf at Oxford Hills at 3:30 pm

         Thursday, Sept. 25th - Freshman Football at Gardiner at 4 pm
                                            V/JV Field Hockey at Mt. Ararat (Varsity at 4 pm, JV at 5:30 pm)
                                            Freshman Boys Soccer vs. Falmouth at 3:30 pm
           Friday, Sept. 26th - Varsity Football vs. Biddeford at 7 pm
                                         V/JV Girls Soccer at Cony (Varsity at 4 pm, JV at 5:30 pm)
                                         Cross Country at Oxford Hills (Boys at 4 pm, Girls at 4:30 pm)
                                         Varsity Golf at the KVAC Quarterfinals (TBD)

          Saturday, Sept. 27th - Freshman Boys Soccer vs. Camden at 10:30 am
                                              V/JV Boys Soccer vs. Cony (JV at 4 pm, Varsity at 5:30 pm)

          Monday, Sept. 29th - JV Football vs. Brunswick at 4 pm
                                           Varsity Golf at the KVAC Semifinals (TBD)

*Sportsmanship Reminder:   The Athletic Department and Lewiston High School would like to remind all spectators of the importance of positive sportsmanship at all athletic contests.  Please do your part to show respect for all the players, spectators, and officials at all our games.

C. Notable Accomplishments & Congratulations:

Important Resourses:

Questions & concerns surrounding this website should be directed to Jason Fuller, LHS Athletic Director, 795-4190, ext. 2211

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